Welcome to the more and more obsolete and unfinished homepage of Jesper Søndergaard Pedersen.

On the right you can see a picture of me, relaxin' on the beach on Loz Rocques, Venezuela - A truly beautiful place i visited a long time ago

The main purpose of the website is to allow you to download some of the programs that I have developed over time

Please feel free to contact me on the following e-mail: jsp@phage.dk 



Below you can download some small programs I have coded using Borland Delphi.


Jesper's SpectraMax Plate Kinetics fitter is a program that allows you to fit data from SpectraMax plate readers to custom formulae.


Because I frequently have to import a large number of textfiles into a spreadsheet i have made a small program (70 lines of code) that helps the teedious task of loading multiple textfiles into the columns af a single spreadsheet (e.g. excel). Simply select the files and copy'n'paste the data to any spreadsheet. Source is included.

ImageJ Plugins

During my postdoc in the Morimoto Lab (2008-2010), I used imageJ to analyse movement of C. elegans in liquid and on plates. I developed a few plugins to load large AVI movies as virtual stacks, remove flickering from movies, and track individual animals while counting body-bends.

Publications At present I have 15 scientific publications from my masters, PhD and postdoc work. Clicking the link on the left will take you to these publications on pubmed.
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